Larry Myers

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Sheridan Road

Ten miles on one of the best cycling roads through the North Shore.

Starting just north of Northwestern’s main campus, and going all the way up to downtown Highland Park, this stretch of Sheridan is known for smooth pavement, well marked bike lanes, and few stoplights. On a weekend morning you’ll see hundreds of cyclists on the road. For longer rides Sheridan allows for easy connections to the North Branch Trail, the Skokie Valley Trail, and the Green Bay Trail.

The bike lane, when it exists, is really nothing more than an extended shoulder of the road, but cars are so used to cyclists on Sheridan that I’ve never had any issues with aggressive drivers.


  • Scenic overlooks at Kenilworth Beach and Tower Road.
  • Access to North Shore beaches.
  • The Ba’hai Temple
  • Well maintained roads and annoyingly perfect landscaping.

I’d recommend stopping at That Little French Guy Cafe in Highland Park to refuel during your ride. There are bike racks right out front and you’ll be in good company with other cyclists.

For the return trip back into Chicago I’d highly recommend taking the Green Bay Trail or cutting over to the Botanic Gardens at Lake Cook Rd and connecting to the North Branch Trail.