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July 8, 2024

I think having a competitive hobby is worthwhile, especially if you are a naturally competitive person. It allows you to have goals you can control, and gives you something to do with more consistency and predictability than you will find on the corporate career ladder. Conversely, making your career your only competitive outlet will change you, and likely not in ways you will enjoy. So find something you enjoy that facilitates goal setting and do it. It will give you an outlet for your intrinsic motivation that cannot be ruined by some executive’s need to shuffle the org chart.

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Own Your MX Record

Your email address is the most important digital asset you have. Make sure you own and control it.

How to Create an Astro Markdown Plugin

Creating a Markdown plugin for the the Astro framework is great way to make it easier to author content for a static website. This tutorial will show to how to create a basic plugin.

How to Run Your Own Minecraft Server

Want to be the coolest parent ever? Run a home Mincraft server.

We Can Have Nice Things

An explanation of a phrase I've found myself repeating during my career.

The Downsides of Remote Work

Sometimes you need more than the endless solitude of the home office.
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About Me

I'm a [Dad, Technologist, Cyclist] living in Chicago with my wife, kids, and cats. There are some ghost shrimp in a fishtank too, but I'm not sure I count them as members of the household.

When I'm not getting paid to code I'm usually playing outside and exploring the city.

Things I've Built github logo

Cycling Weather Forecast

There's plenty of weather forecasts out there, but none did a good job of answering the question: "When should I go biking tomorrow?"

So I built one for myself. It's an extremely lightweight traditional webapp with a Go powered backend.

Metra Train Tracker

Metra has never had a good train tracker, I doubt they ever will. This is a React app with a Go backend that is geared towards people who want to know when the next train is coming with just a quick glance to their phone.

Wordle Solver

Some days you just don't want to spend the time staring at your 3rd guess trying to figure out a word that fits. I built this wordle solver to allow me to spend more time analyzing guesses and less time trying to think of words.

Chicago by Bike

Palos MTB Trails for New Riders

When you are new to mountain biking Palos can be both awesome and intimidating. With the right approach it's a great place to learn.

The Lake Michigan Ferry Tour

A self supported 5 day bike tour around the lower half of Lake Michigan.

Illinois Prairie Path / Fox River Trail

Endless miles of mixed surface trails through the western suburbs.

Sheridan Road

Ten miles on one of the best cycling roads through the North Shore.

2024 Ride Stats

Year to Date 1400 mi
Week of Jul 15 33 mi
Week of Jul 8 32 mi
Week of Jul 1 52 mi
Week of Jun 24 36 mi
Week of Jun 17 46 mi