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Good Management and Good Parenting

Setting expectations is hard, but is one of the core tenents of being good leader. Read →

Multi-Platform Docker Images

The new M1 Macs are pretty amazing. Running x86 docker images via emulation is not. Let's fix that. Read →

Deploying Containers using Nomad and Traefik

How to build simple and maintainable deployment infrastructure using Hashicorp Nomad and Traefik. Read →

The Perfect Solitude of Endurance Cycling

I'm convinced that at times biking long distances is the only thing keeps me sane and happy. Read →

The Free Tier Trap

More and more SaaS companies are offering generous free tiers. Many of these free offers are a bad deal for developers. Read →

Bike Commuting in Chicago: A Survival Guide

Commuting by bike in Chicago can be a ton of fun with the right mindset and preparation. Read →

Your First Triathlon: How to Really Prepare

Doing your first triathlon doesn't have to be hard. Resist the urge to go shopping. Read →

Things I've Built github logo

Cycling Weather Forecast

There's plenty of weather forecasts out there, but none did a good job of answering the question: "When should I go biking tomorrow?"

So I built one for myself. It's an extremely lightweight traditional webapp with a Go powered backend.

Metra Train Tracker

Metra has never had a good train tracker, I doubt they ever will. This is a React app with a Go backend that is geared towards people who want to know when the next train is coming with just a quick glance to their phone.

Chicago by Bike

Illinois Prairie Path / Fox River Trail

Endless miles of mixed surface trails through the western suburbs.

Sheridan Road

Ten miles on one of the best cycling roads through the North Shore.

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