Larry Myers

Daily Note

October 28, 2023

After using the ZSA Voyager for a week I’m finally having some success being comfortable and productive on the most radically different keyboard I’ve typed on. I’m thrilled the need to stretch my hands during long typing sessions is gone, and my typing speed and accuracy continue to improve. The thumb buttons and layers are a revelation, and I’ve become a much better touch typist already since I don’t have to move my hands from the home row for arrow navigation and common symbols. After years with low profile cherry mx red switches I enjoy the increased feedback from the low profile kailh choc browns, and they don’t seem to be any noisier. The few questions I’ve emailed ZSA support have been answered quickly, and the build quality on the board is excellent. Keymapping is straight forward using the provided software. While expensive, it’s worth the money to be able to avoid bad RSI injuries as I continue to code daily for a living.