Larry Myers

Daily Note

November 11, 2023

I think Pokemon cards are an excellent test for where VR and any attempt at the metaverse is going. Pokemon cards are insanely popular right now among both kids and even adults. There is a companion video game, Pokemon Live, while also popular, gets a fraction of the attention compared to the cards themselves. Pokemon cards are bought by collectors who never will play the actual game, and they sell for real money. Does any of this make sense? Pokemon Live is arguably better way to play the game. The rules are enforced consistently and you can build a card collection without spending any money. You don’t have hunt down single cards to build a deck, every single card is available to you. Yet there is no replacement for the act of playing a game against another person with actual cards. In person tournaments dominate compared to any online only competitive matches. I suspect VR will be subject to the same challenges, a poor comparison to any event that thrives in a live in-person environment.