Larry Myers

Daily Note

December 14, 2023

Almost two months in and I have enough experience using the ZSA Voyager as my everyday keyboard:

  • My wrist strain and upper back tightness is gone. Completely. I no longer have to pause during longer coding sessions and stretch my hands every few minutes.
  • My typing speed has returned to around 60 wpm, but my accuracy still has moments where it craters. Usually when that happens I have to reset my hands and stop thinking so hard about what my fingers are doing. My muscle memory is actually pretty good at this point.
  • I’m actually a better touch typist now, and I really like not having to move my hands for things like arrow navigation.
  • Having a fully programmable keyboard is amazing. The 2nd layer has an section customized with macros for the common actions I use in vscode that usually would require trying to remember fairly complex keyboard combinations.
  • I am ruined on my laptop keyboard, if I’m going to have any serious work to do while traveling the Voyager has to pack up and come with. Thankfully the travel case is small and does its job well.

I’ll have to write up a longer piece on my experience with this keyboard, but generally is very positive.