Larry Myers

Daily Note

December 2, 2023

Labor shortages is one the major themes on the NYT today. The situation of overworked air traffic controllers sounds miserable, as does the lack of affordable elder care for the growing retired population.

In both cases the demands of the job don’t match the pay required to make it worthwhile. I don’t see how the situation gets solved, especially in the case of home care. Eventually the US is going to have to accept that we’re going to need to pay more for care for the elderly as a society, or the situation will continue to deteriorate. Not only will it result in poor care for our parents and grandparents, but it prevents the working generations from building careers and savings that will allow them to provide for themselves and their family as well.

Maybe technology will provide some answers for air traffic control, but health care will likely be one of the last bastions of the workforce that just simply requires a skilled labor force.