Larry Myers

Daily Note

December 3, 2023

Trading card games are having a bit of a renaissance. I remember playing Magic in middle school in the mid-90’s, and it was definitely not something you would do if you prioritized general social acceptance in the meat grinder that is 8th grade. Magic is still around, and still has the largest player base, but it still seems just as unapproachable as it was 30 years ago. I’m not sure what I think about Lorcana yet. The Disney brand ensures it’ll be popular, but the scarcity issues and general cost certainly on brand for Disney as well. I still really enjoy Pokemon. There’s real depth in the game, while still being approachable and fun. The card artwork is more fun and playful than Magic cards, but still has some truly beautiful cards.

Regardless, my favorite aspect of getting back into TCG’s as an adult is having another thing to do with my kids. Every shared hobby we can do together is a joy.