Larry Myers

Daily Note

January 29, 2024

Microsoft managed to achieve a $3T market cap this past week. Much of the focus is on their investment in OpenAI, which is fair. My viewpoint is that Microsoft’s current relevance in software development is nothing short of spectacular. Around 2010 Microsoft was all in on .NET, and was mostly relegated to backoffice large enterprise software development. Today Microsoft owns the supply chain for modern software development. GitHub, npm, vscode, Typescript. All part of the open source community and generally highly regarded by the community. That is shocking. It’s a complete reinvention and turnaround for Microsoft and their relationship with the community. This was a company who at one point was reviled for IE6. Their browser now runs on Chromium. I would have never expected such a large company to be able to repair its relationship with its users and reclaim its title as one of the most important technology companies on the planet.