Larry Myers

Daily Note

January 7, 2024

As a pragmatist to my core I appreciate charity organizations setting up safe spaces for people to sleep in their cars. It’s a direct and immediate solution to people who are homeless, but have a vehicle as their only property that can serve as housing. I applaud solving the immediate problem and providing people a little relief.

That is so depressing that the homelessness crisis has come to setting up safe parking lots that help reduce the criminalization of homelessness. The solution to the housing crisis is not more safe parking lots, it’s building more houses. It blows my mind that I live in a country that prioritizes supporting overseas geopolitical conflict before the basic needs of our own citizens.

People should have a safe place to sleep, running water, and a toilet. They should not have to sleep in their cars. Try car camping once and you’ll realize that all the YouTube streamers glorify a fairly miserable experience.