Larry Myers


Own Your MX Record

Your email address is the most important digital asset you have. Make sure you own and control it.

How to Create an Astro Markdown Plugin

Creating a Markdown plugin for the the Astro framework is great way to make it easier to author content for a static website. This tutorial will show to how to create a basic plugin.

How to Run Your Own Minecraft Server

Want to be the coolest parent ever? Run a home Mincraft server.

We Can Have Nice Things

An explanation of a phrase I've found myself repeating during my career.

The Downsides of Remote Work

Sometimes you need more than the endless solitude of the home office.

The Office is Great, The Office is Horrible

Nobody seems quite sure what to do about returning to the office post-pandemic.

Career Advice for a New Software Engineer

A lot has changed in technology, but there are many lessons that have not.

Yes, you do need a build step

Web development has gotten complex, but the advances made in the past decade shouldn't be abandoned.

Thoughts on Web APIs

I have simple needs. I just want an easy way to have a typed API schema that can do sane code generation.

Good Management and Good Parenting

Setting expectations is hard, but is one of the core tenents of being good leader.

Multi-Platform Docker Images

The new M1 Macs are pretty amazing. Running x86 docker images via emulation is not. Let's fix that.

Deploying Containers using Nomad and Traefik

How to build simple and maintainable deployment infrastructure using Hashicorp Nomad and Traefik.

The Perfect Solitude of Endurance Cycling

I'm convinced that at times biking long distances is the only thing keeps me sane and happy.

The Free Tier Trap

More and more SaaS companies are offering generous free tiers. Many of these free offers are a bad deal for developers.

Bike Commuting in Chicago: A Survival Guide

Commuting by bike in Chicago can be a ton of fun with the right mindset and preparation.

Your First Triathlon: How to Really Prepare

Doing your first triathlon doesn't have to be hard. Resist the urge to go shopping.